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Document Management Solutions

We offer full-service solutions to quickly and easily convert paper documents into electronic documents, develop new paperless workflows, and manage electronic document libraries with version control and security.

With our comprehensive document management solutions, organizational improvements will include:

  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Space Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Record Retention Compliance

The following Document Management services are available:


Assess your unique needs and work with you to develop a comprehensive project plan.

Document Shredding Services

Includes management of a document purging and shredding plan in collaboration with certified document destruction vendors.

Management of Offsite Document Storage

Includes preparing indexing and management of documents to offsite storage.

Scanning & Indexing Services

Pre-scanning document preparation, production quality image capturing with optional features such as auto-indexing and OCR for text recognition.

Document Management Systems

We offer a variety of solutions that can meet your digitized document management needs. From folder based drag and drop repositories, to a full-scale intelligent document retrieval system with features such as enterprise search and tagging.