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Address Standards for UCLA Mail

UCLA uses two ZIP codes for incoming United States mail: 90095 and 90024. Each ZIPcode has different formatting requirements, explained in this article.

Use of ZIP Codes

The ZIP code for most campus departments is 90095. However, some campus locations use either 90095 or 90024, depending on the department or sub-unit. Departments that have a mail code use 90095. If the department to which you are sending mail is in a location that uses both ZIP codes, you can look up the address in the UCLA Directory to see if the department uses a mail code (click the Directory link at top of page).

ZIP Code

Department or Location

90024 only

  • UCLA Extension (UNEX)
  • The Residence Halls

Either 90095 or 90024

  • The Wilshire Center

Note: When addressing mail to departments within ASUCLA, it is helpful to include the room number. See the formatting instructions below for each ZIP code for special instructions on the other locations mentioned above.

Formatting the Addresses

Mail delivery is quicker and more reliable when you use the correct address format. The following guidelines apply to official UCLA addresses.

ZIP Code 90095

Departments using this ZIP code receive mail services from UCLA Mail, Document & Distribution Services (MDDS). Use the following guidelines:

Use a USPS "ZIP + four" code: the first four digits of the six-digit campus mail code are used as the last four digits of the ZIP code for all campus units. So, if the campus mail code is 123456, the U.S. mail ZIP code is 90095-1234.

Box numbers are required for all units that use the 90095 zip code. The box number is 95 plus the first four digits of the campus mail code. So if the campus mail code is 123456, the box number is 951234.


Joe Bruin (name)
UCLA Department (department)
Box 951234, 5555 Campus Hall (box, if available, and campus address)
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1234 (city, state, ZIP+4 code)

ZIP Code 90024

Units and locations that use 90024 receive mail services directly from the United States Postal Service (USPS). The following official campus format guidelines should be used:

The ZIP code for these locations follows a standard USPS format as shown below unless a mail code is used.

When including a mail code in the address for one of these departments, use the 90095 + four format described above. (Do not include the mail code with ZIP code 90024.)


Joe Bruin (name)
UCLA Department or Residence Hall (department or residence hall name)
5555 Campus Hall (box, if available, and campus or street address)
Los Angeles, CA 90024 (city, state, ZIP code)

Addressing Mail to the Residence Halls

When addressing mail to students, include the name of the residence hall in the address. The USPS handles all student mail. Mail addressed to students within the residence halls should appear in the standard USPS format shown above.

MDDS, the on-campus mail unit, delivers only business mail to the residence halls, not student mail.