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Mail Services

Addressing & Sending International Mail

Tips and directions to ensure your mail is delivered abroad successfully

Address Standards for Outgoing Domestic Mail

Help speed up and ensure delivery of your outgoing mail.

Address Standards for UCLA Mail

Ensure prompt delivery of goods by addressing mail properly. Use the official UCLA address format. This article provides information on all mailing formats accepted for on-campus delivery, including mail delivered to students in the residence halls.

Bulk Mailing Services

Learn what bulks mailing consist of and how to send it.

Campus Mail

Information on what needs to be included to send mail across campus

How to Check Your Charges

Checking your monthly departmental mail service charges is fast and easy thanks to an interactive, online form provided by MMDS.

Forms & Files

Download the PDF forms using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to request our services.

Mail Policies

Policies and establish guidelines for the proper usage of University mail service