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Proper Procedure for Purchasing Postage Stamps

August 8, 2005


Re: Proper Procedures for Purchasing Postage Stamps

UCLA Mail Services provides a wide range of mailing options to the UCLA Campus community, including the availability of postage stamps for purchase by departments with a Recharge ID.

We would like to remind everyone that any postage to be used for University-related business must be purchased through UCLA Mail Services.

UCLA Policy 310 states:

"Stamps should be used by campus departments only for occasional urgent mailings after the campus Mail Services Department is closed. Direct purchase of postal materials from the U.S. Postal Service should occur only under extraordinary circumstances and requires advance approval of Mail Services." BUS-65 states: "The central mail unit shall maintain an inventory of postal materials (stamps, postcards, etc.) which departments may purchase to meet special mailing needs. Campus departments other than the central mail unit shall retain such materials only for urgent mailings, and shall maintain auditable records of usage. The purchase of postal materials directly from the U.S. Postal Service by departments other than the central mail unit is not permitted except with prior written approval by the Chancellor or designee (a copy of the approval shall be sent to the central mail unit)."

Consequently, other than extraordinary circumstances with advance approval, the only approved location to purchase postage is UCLA Mail Services at the Strathmore Building, 555 Westwood Plaza, Level B.

Please note that the postal stations located on the A level of Ackerman Union and at 10920 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 150, are designed for personal use and are not policy-approved sellers of postage for University-related business.

We therefore ask that managers and administrators remind all faculty, staff, student employees and volunteers of proper mailing procedures and take responsibility for compliance with University policy regarding mail services.

To purchase stamps, please call (310) 206-4262 to place an order, or mail your request to Stamp Sales, 555 Westwood Plaza, Level B, mailcode 136108. A completed and signed Recharge Order Request for (P-39) is required for both methods.

Thank you for your assistance.


David Aberbuch
Mail, Messenger and Distribution Services

cc: Brad Erickson, Executive Director, Campus Services Enterprises