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COVID-19: How to Mail and Ship from Remote Locations

UPDATED December 11, 2023

When possible send email, do not use hard copy mail. If hard copy is required, then there are several options for essential mailings from offsite locations.

  • USPS Metered Mail: MDDS is open Monday through Friday as an essential service and is processing mail onsite. For workers on campus, please use your normal “out box” for carrier pick up from your department mail stop or place in a campus light blue mailbox or drop off in person at the Strathmore Building basement lobby (directly underneath Parking Services). For remote workers, UCLA Messenger Service (recharge rates apply) can pick up large mailings assembled off campus and transport them to campus for metering. You may reach Messenger Service at
  • USPS Stamps: As a fiscal control, stamps are governed by UCLA Policy 310 and require strict department audit controls. Stamps should only be used for extraordinary situations. Departments may request stamps utilizing a P-39 Recharge Order Request Form (PDF). UCLA Messenger Service may be utilized for stamp delivery (on and off campus, utilizing recharge rates). For distant locations, stamps will be sent by USPS Priority Mail (postage rates apply).  Stamps incur a 20% surcharge as per approved recharge rates as this contributes to the funding of UCLA Mail Services operations.

For all questions, please contact for assistance.